Mirror Balls

Mirror Ball Motor
20" Mirror Ball Stand top
20" Mirror Ball Stand base

This motor will rotate a 16" mirror ball with ease at a steady 1RPM, making sure that your audience experiences that classic mirror ball light effect. This motor is meant for indoor use only and is great for night clubs, mobile entertainers, bands, and permanent installations. $3.00/day

This stand is built to hold and/or display up to a 20" mirror ball.  It includes a 1 RPM mirror ball motor to create that classic mirror ball effect in any space. Meant for indoor use only. $10.00/day 

This stand is built to hold and/or display up to a 20" mirror ball. Meant for indoor use only. $10.00/day 

20" Mirror Ball 

Much like its 16" counterpart, this mirror ball is going to offer a spectacular 70's dance floor atmosphere. With 100's of reflective mini panels and 20" size, expect a brilliant reflection to be projected onto every square inch of the dance floor. Shine different colored lights towards the Mirror Ball to produce a spectacular mix of colored spots all over the room. This mirror ball is perfect for clubs, weddings, and private events due to its versatility. $40.00/day

Please Note:  Pro-Mix does not collect the City of Chicago’s Personal Property Lease Transaction Tax, therefore we DO NOT deliver rental equipment within the city limits of Chicago, nor do we authorize the use of rented equipment in the city.  If you plan on transporting or using our equipment within the City of Chicago, please be advised that you are responsible for paying Chicago’s 9.0% tax on the rental. 

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