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DJ Gear

Numark CM-100 DJ Mixer

The Numark CM100 DJ Mixer has eight line, 3 phono, and 2 mic inputs. Features like fader-start, all active long-life ALPs input faders, and master balanced, zone, cue, and record output make this a versatile mixer. This mixer also has split/blend cue option, PFL gain adjust with meter, 6 or 12dB 5-band graphic EQ with rear panel defeat, and mic with auto-mute and individual EQ panning on master crossfader. 


Denon DN-4500 Dual CD Player

Locate hundreds of music tracks in seconds on the rackmount Denon CD-RW. Plus the Denon MP3 and CD player can easily read MP3 ID3 tags and Audio CD Text on the large dot matrix florescent tube display. The media player lets you store your loops and hot starts on any audio CD track and recall them later when that track is cued. The Denon CD and MP3 player's key adjust feature keeps music and vocals sounding true when you adjust the speed of a track. $25.00/day

Denon DN-X500 Pro DJ Mixer

Denon's DN-X500 mobile/club DJ analog matrix mixer. It has 8 line and 2 phono inputs that are assignable to any of 4 channels. This 8-channel input matrix routing gives you the freedom to move any source to any channel or even the same source to multiple channels for remixing. The mixer features 4 60mm VCA channel faders, 45mm VCA crossfader with contour adjustment. 
This mixer also features 3-band EQ with full output kill, booth output with channel select, 2 mic inputs with talkover sensitivity and effects send/return with cue, dry/wet knob, and channel select. $25.00/day

Numark CD Mix 2

The CD Mix-2 combines a full-featured DJ mixer with a dual-transport, high-precision CD player, Includes dual RIAA-equalized phono inputs, 3 line-level inputs, and 2 microphone inputs with independent input levels. Also features dual headphone jacks (one .25-inch, one .125-inch) with any-input cueing for each, fader start, a pitch bend/jog wheel (+/- 16 percent), 3-speed scanning forward and reverse, frame-accurate search (1/75 seconds per step), and auto-dead space elimination with auto cue.Perfect for performing live for parties or for professional events


DJ Facade Front Board

Available in 4-panel or 5 panel widths. White or black velcro inserts. This facade is a great tool to dress up any DJ set up. Uplighting can add to the effect with the white inserts to create cool glowing DJ facade!  4-panel fits a 4' table nicely, 5-panel fits around a 6' table well.  Each panel measures 48" high x 30" wide. $25.00 or 30.00/day

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