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UV Blacklights

Want your event to GLOW? Black lights are more popular than ever and Pro-Mix rents powerful theater-grade UV fixtures to make any “regular space” look like “outer-space”! Give us a call and learn how Pro-Mix can transform your event into an ultraviolet experience you’ll never forget! Big or small, we have a large inventory of fixtures capable of handling nearly any event.

Merit UV Uplight

The Merit Uplight is specifically designed for uplighting, this RGBWA+UV wireless battery-powered uplight will wash UV wall accents effortlessly. Also mixes regular non-UV colors with UV for added impact!

Merit Blast UV Par Can

The Merit Blast is designed specifically for large spaces, this fixture has 24 x 3 W LED UV LEDs for HUGE UV Power! With plenty units in stock, there's no indoor venue or hall you can’t handle.

Chauvet Wash FX 2

The Wash FX2 is a multi-function effect light with 18 Quad LEDs that can be used as a wash light or "eye-candy" effect with 6 chasing zones. RGB+UV LEDs create brilliant color-mixing or an awesome blacklight effect. Can be controlled stand-alone, DMX, IR remote or master/slave. $25.00/day

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