Stage Platforms

StageRight 4' x 8' Stage Decks

4' x 8' dual sided stage decks. Grey carpet on one side and black non-slip polytrac on the other. Includes adjustable 18" - 24" Z-frame stage legs. Black 8' skirting sections are available.

$100.00 per panel/day

Alulite 3' x 6' Stage Decks

3' by 6' stage decks. All 4 stage decks create a 6' x 12' stage or a 3' x 24' runway style stage with available heights of 12" or 24". $25.00 per panel/day or $80.00 for 4 decks/day. Includes 1' stage legs.

Stage Accessories

Stage Rail

Safety rail for StageRight stages. Enough length for up to a 32' stage. $20.00/day

18"-24" Deluxe Handrail Stairstairs 

18" to 24" adjustable stairs for stages with handrails. Not included with stage decks.


Adjustable Stage Stairs 

18" to 24" adjustable stairs for stages. Not included with stage decks.


Stage Skirting

Black, Pleated Stage Skirting for many of our stage systems and decks.  Puts the "finishing touch" on your stage, and hides cables and stage legs.

Call for more information 

20' x 13' Truss Roof

20' x 13' box truss stage roof. Covers a 16' x 12' stage or smaller, perfect for outdoor events. Can raise up to 15' from ground level. 

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Please Note:  Pro-Mix does not collect the City of Chicago’s Personal Property Lease Transaction Tax, therefore we DO NOT deliver rental equipment within the city limits of Chicago, nor do we authorize the use of rented equipment in the city.  If you plan on transporting or using our equipment within the City of Chicago, please be advised that you are responsible for paying Chicago’s 9.0% tax on the rental. 

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