Lighting Control

Chauvet Obey 3 LED Controller

Obey 3 is a compact DMX controller for LED lights with three channels (red, green and blue only). Playback options include automated, sound-activated or manual RGB color mixing. The Obey 3 is a perfect controller for a lighting novice or someone who wants to easily control their LED washes.


Chauvet Stage Designer 50

The Stage Designer 50 takes the size of a 24-channel dimming console and the functionality of a 48-channel console and combines the two into one powerful dimming unit. The Stage Designer 50 has up to 8 pages with 12 scenes each and 96,000 programmable steps. The console allows the user to re-assign channels as needed and allows for MIDI input.


Martin M-Play Control Surface

Martin M-Play is a plug-and-play solution with an innovative control surface like no other lighting console. Featuring a truly innovative control surface with 12 touch faders that let you control playbacks, while 48 velocity-controlled pads let you access playbacks and any function key. Martin M-Play comes with one DMX 512 universe for direct control of any compatible DMX device. Fully compatible with all M-Series consoles and M-PC software. $100.00/day

Chauvet Obey 4 LED Controller

The Obey 4 is a compact DMX controller for LED wash lights with 3- or 4-channel modes—red, green, blue and white/amber—for easy color-mixing control. It has built-in automated, sound-activated or manual playback options and can control fixtures. Its one-touch buttons of pre-mixed colors, built-in chases and strobe and dimmer controls make it perfect for a lighting novice or anyone looking for an easy way to control LED washes. $20.00/day

Elation DMX Operator II

The Operator II is a 12 fixture DMX controller for moving lights and Par Cans. It can control 192 DMX channels and has 6 programmable chases. Fixtures with less than 16 DMX channels may be combined on 1 DMX scanner button. Also includes a built in Mic, MIDI controlled blackout and a chase override.


Martin M-Touch Control Surface

Martin M-Touch is a powerful yet simple control surface for the Martin M-Series controllers. Martin M-Touch is a  plug-and-play solution with an innovative control surface.
14 touch faders allow control of playbacks and fixture parameters while 20 velocity-controlled pads allow for effects. Additional programming buttons such as Record, Edit, Update, Load and Clear are accessible directly from the M-Touch control panel. Martin M-Touch comes with one DMX 512 Universe for direct control of any compatible DMX device. $100.00

Please Note:  Pro-Mix does not collect the City of Chicago’s Personal Property Lease Transaction Tax, therefore we DO NOT deliver rental equipment within the city limits of Chicago, nor do we authorize the use of rented equipment in the city.  If you plan on transporting or using our equipment within the City of Chicago, please be advised that you are responsible for paying Chicago’s 9.0% tax on the rental. 

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