Karaoke Machines

Pro Karaoke Package - $250.00

  • Professional quality karaoke system!

  • Fully Digital HDD-based karaoke machine with real karaoke tracks.  No swapping CD's!!!

  • One Handheld Wired Microphone (and one spare) with Reverb-Echo, and all needed cables.

  • Touchscreen tablet songbook with detachable keyboard makes searching for your favorites a breeze - or you can view the SONGBOOKS by Clicking Here.

  • 15″ Flat Panel LCD Display w/stand & mic holders.

  • JBL EON610 10″ 1000-Watt Lightweight Speaker (Suitable up to 25 people).

Pro KJ System.jpg


  • Keep the fun rolling ALL weekend long for just $50.00 additional!

  • Pickup your machine on Thursday or Friday and return on Monday!

Package Accessories

  • Need More Speakers? Add another JBL EON610 10″ 1000-Watt Loudspeaker with Stand. (Suitable for larger rooms or crowds) - +$30.00/speaker

  • Need Bigger Sound? Substitute a JBL EON615 15″ 1000-Watt Loudspeaker with Stand. (Suitable for larger rooms or crowds) +$10.00/speaker

  • Wireless Microphones for real-deal rock stars! + $40.00/Microphone

  • Mini-Led Lighting System to light performers and set the stage! +$40.00

Frequently asked questions

Why are our machines the best?

Most of our competitors rent disc based karaoke machines which means you only get 20 or 30 disks worth of music (500 songs). Since our machines are digital, you don’t have to deal with scratched or lost CDs and you have the ability to choose from more songs (about 11,000!)

Is there new music on your machines?

Yes! We update our machines with new music regularly, usually before every busy season.

Can we add a requested song?

Unfortunately we can not but we do take recommendations for seasonal updates. Why can’t we add requested songs? Because adding music is an extremely time-intensive process. That’s why we add music to the machine via song updates regularly.

Is it easy to use?

Our karaoke rental machines are very easy use! After making a few A/V connections, the unit is ready for fun. There are no complicated discs to sort through and lose. Simply pick a song, punch in a 5 digit code and the machine plays CD+G quality karaoke tracks instantly!
PDF instructions are provided alongside an in-shop demonstration of set-up and operation of the machine.

Is it big or heavy?

Our karaoke rental packages can fit in the trunk or backseat of a sedan or very easily into the back area of minivan or crossover. The individual items weigh less than 30lbs each and can be carried by most average persons. Upgraded JBL 15″ Speakers, only required for bigger events, can weigh up to 39 lbs.