Affordable Options...

We understand that you want ALL of your events to be special - but sometimes the budget can be a bit "tight"...  To that end, we have a number of rental items that are affordable enough to make your next party look it's best, but not break the bank!

Snapshot/Flashlite Strobe

A great strobe light for bands, mobile DJs, halloween, or special effects productions. This 70 watt light weight fixture features variable speed control from 1 to 15 flashes per second. A super affordable addition to any event! 

ONLY $2.00/day!

LED Pinspot 2
American DJ Mini Starball LED

The American DJ Starball is a Bright LED fixture that creates an effect similar to a mirrorball. It produces 34 crisp, bright white beams that slowly rotate from one 3-Watt LED source. This fixture can be used with or without fog, and casts light over a wide area​.  ONLY $3.00/day!

Mini Kinta IRC

The Mini Kinta produces sharp, colored beams that twist and spin from it's red, green, blue, and white 3 watt LEDS to liven any event!  Looks great with or without fog. It delivers an output that surpasses that of much larger derby effects. DMX controllable, it also features exciting built-in programs. The  optional IRC-6 remote is available for wireless control. ONLY $5.00/day!

LED Shadow UV Blacklight
American DJ H2O DMX

The American DJ LED Pinspot 2's are a bright 3w white LED with a 3-degree angle. The casing is a compact high-tech plastic design with an included mounting bracket. The LED is rated for approximately 50,000hrs of, has a very low heat output and power consumption. 

ONLY $5.00/day!

ADJ QuadPhase LED

A light duty LED UV black light for smaller rooms or medium wall washes. Great for lighting a glow poster on a wall or a small, home UV party. 192 1/4 watt UV LED's. 3 channel DMX.  405nm UV wavelength. 

ONLY $5.00/day!

American DJ REVO III

Designed to fill a room and dazzle a crowd with it's 160 razor sharp beams of light, the QuadPhase is perfect for weddings, parties, and more! This advanced moonflower effect features a 10W quad color LED source (RGBW). Produces up to 13 colors in all.  ONLY $8.00/day!

The Revo III casts a unique pattern of seven dazzling, color-changing LED clusters, which cover an extremely wide area. It has a total of 392 LEDs -- 140 red, 105 green, 84 blue, and 63 white. It can be operated in 4-channel or 10-channel DMX mode. ONLY $8.00/day!

Chauvet Cirrus

The Cirrus is a versatile plug-and-play fixture with separate controls for lasers and LED. Each laser is independently controlled for strobe speed, the LED is fully dimmable with rotation control which changes the LED and both lasers at the same timeThe fixture also has three operating modes: manual, automatic and sound-activated. ONLY $10.00/day!

Chauvet Abyss USB

Abyss USB simulates a multicolored water effect that shines through any environment with or without fog using high power LEDs. It can be controlled wirelessly via master/slave or DMX. A dichroic color wheel and two glass effect wheels are independently controllable for more design options. Non-DMX control in stand-alone mode  or optional IRC-6 remote control. ONLY $10.00/day!

Hyper Gem LED
American DJ 38P LED Cans

Powered by a bright 80W LED source, the ADJ H2O DMX IR is a simulated water flowing effect that creates an exciting atmosphere that may be projected on walls, ceilings, floors and backdrops.

ONLY $8.00/day!

Chauvet Eclipse 

The Eclipse combines LED with laser technology to create a unique effect. Red and green lasers create a star field as a tri-colored LED generates a background of rippling aura effects. Separate LED and laser control allow you to change the mood of any event. Fully controllable LED allows you to customize the background. Features multiple control options. ONLY $10.00/day!

Chauvet Cubix 2.0

The Cubix 2.0 takes the best of classic spinning motion effect lights but supercharges it for the LED age! It also has a center cluster of pixel LEDs to project dance floor patterns.

ONLY $10.00/day!

Can be used as a UV Blacklight!!!

The Hyper Gem LED is a 4-way LED light that creates a Moonflower effect with sharp Red, Green, Blue and White high output color beams. It produces unique LED patterns that can be projected on a dance floor, wall or ceiling with 256 LEDs (64 Red, 64 Green, 64 Blue & 64 White LEDs) and 3 operational modes: Sound active with built-in programs; Master/Slave or DMX-512

ONLY $10.00/day!

The 38 LED Pro features 75 Ultra Bright RGB LEDS. Features include: 7 operational modes, 2 DMX modes, 3, 6 or 7 DMX channel mode, Very smooth field, smooth RGB color mixing (fast or slow color change operation), color strobe effect and a minimal power consumption of only, 

ONLY $10.00/day!

The ADJ UB-6H is an indoor linear fixture powered by six 6-watt hex RGBWA+UV LEDs. It's bright 40-degree beam angle provides vibrant HEX color mixing. It features 63 built-in color macros , 4 DMX modes, 0-100% dimming and variable speed strobing. Flexible programming from its on-board 4-Button LED menu, or via the ADJ UC-IR wireless remote or Airstream IR remote phone app. 

ONLY $10.00/day!

American DJ Megaflash
Elation UV Wash Blacklight

The ADJ Mega Flash DMX is a programmable, sound activated strobe light with built-in microphone and compact design. The powerful 800W strobe light in the Mega Flash DMX can  reach all corners of your dance floor. 

ONLY $5.00/day!

Medium duty traditional fluorescent UV black light for small to mid sized rooms and events. 100 watt conventional filtered UV output lamp.

ONLY $10.00/day!